The Master of International Business Management (MIBMA) builds on a knowledge of basic concepts, theories and applied business administration to develop a comprehensive understanding of international management. This takes into account both strategic and operative aspects – and focuses on a project-based and applied approach.

Students on this postgraduate programme can expect to acquire the expertise and skills needed to work in companies or organisations active in an international environment or take on a management position as a future executive.

By including practice-based projects, students develop the skills to apply content creatively to international issues with the objective of solution finding. The students' problem-solving skills are systematically developed by a modern mix of methodological approaches to teaching and learning. Guest speakers acknowledged in their field provide a real-world perspective to supplement the course content.

The programme emphasises working cooperatively to engage with the course materials in an international context. The international focus is clearly reflected in English as the language of instruction, the international composition of the student intake, and the study visit to a partner University in London.

Regular exchanges with fellow-students and faculty support scholarly and cultural learning. Aside from the focus on applied tasks, students also learn the requisite scholarly methodology and, in this way, are trained in systematic and proper scholarly practices.

Through a system of specialisations and electives, the subjects taught go beyond the classic business areas to deal with current topics and issues relevant to present global challenges. Students can opt for one of two specialisations:

  • International Management explores current issues in general international management as well as applied topics of concern in networked global business such as entrepreneurship or media.
  • International Tourism Management offers students the chance to study international challenges in a sector which is especially exposed to social and structural change and, at the same time, is highly networked internationally. This applies equally to domestic tourist operators competing on the internal German and European markets as much as to tourist companies active on the international stage.

The Berlin School of Economics and Law (BSEL) awards successful students on this programme the internationally recognised M.Sc. (Master of Science) in International Business Management.

Target Group

This postgraduate programme is designed for applicants from Germany and overseas with a first degree and at least one year of work experience. The programme is especially suitable, for example, for graduates in subjects closely related to business administration such as business informatics, business communication or media management who have attended state and private universities and are interested in a postgraduate degree in general international management.

Prof. Gizycki, Academic Director of the Master programme in International Business Management

Prof. Dr. Vittoria von Gizycki
Academic Director

Accelerate your career – with the MSc. in International Business Management!

One of the graduates of the first intake of our MSc. International Business Management, Mohamed Aly, has found his way to Berlin. Just two months after his graduation at the IMB, Mohamed is now working for a Multi-Channel Selling firm in the healthcare field, in/touch, as Pharma Sales & Business Executive. He is responsible for managing international, multi-channel projects as well as marketing and legal issues in the development of orphan medical products in Europe.  Mohamed previously developed strategies for the sales force and analyzed the markets as a Pharma Marketing Manager in Kuwait and Dubai. more...