Berlin MBA berufsbegleitend

Ihre Karriereziele - Unser Managementprogramm

  • 24-monatiges berufsbegleitendes MBA-Programm mit geblockten Präsenzphasen
  • praxiserfahrene Dozent/innen aus dem In- und Ausland
  • heterogene Studierendengruppe
  • individuelles Career Coaching
  • Study Visits nach Asien, Europa und in die USA
  • international von der AMBA akkreditiert
  • international anerkannter Studienabschluss
  • Programmstart im Oktober

Individuell Schwerpunkte setzen

Cross Cultural Immersion (Study Visit UK)

Based on our 25-year history of cooperations with British partner universities in delivering MBA education we offer a comprehensive cross-cultural immersion. Students will study key aspects of inter-cultural business relations and practice collaboration in diverse working groups. The course culminates in a study visit to one of our partner universities in the United Kingdom (e.g. University of Hertfordshire; Kingston University London).

Digital Business Leadership

Digitization is forcefully impacting the business world. Classical value chains are disrupted, and companies need to transform. Leading people and organizations in the digital era entails the development of a digital mindset and digital competences in an increasingly digital value network.

Entrepreneurship and Design Thinking

Berlin is Europe’s main startup hub. Also, international companies locate business labs, incubators and accelerators here for fostering corporate innovation. MBA students will act on business model design with a focus on the design thinking methodology.

International Management

As globalization is a key driver of modern business managers need to understand the patterns of the increasing international flow of money, goods, ideas and culture. MBA students will study fundamental frameworks as well as strategies and tools of multinational corporations.

Agile Transformation Management

Today’s organizations are in the midst of digital transformations as more and more digital processes and business models evoke tremendous needs for change. Managers may manage change by deploying agile tools like scrum or virtual project management.

International Finance and Merger & Acquisitions

How to finance international business, especially mergers & acquisitions, and how to cope with the effects of the growing international flow of money? Strategies and instruments of key players such as banks, stock exchanges, private equity firms, hedge funds and monetary institutions are studied.