Berlin MBA in Vollzeit studieren

Developing your Management Competencies

  • 15-monatiges Vollzeitprogramm (Programmstart: September)
  • 100% in englischer Sprache
  • international anerkannter Studienabschluss
  • Study Visits nach Asien, Europa und in die USA
  • internationale Studierendengruppen
  • praxiserfahrene Dozenten aus dem In- und Ausland
  • individuelles Career Coaching
  • international von der AMBA akkreditiert

Individuell Schwerpunkte setzen

Doing Business in Asia: Study Visit to Hong Kong

Based on our 25-year history of MBA education in European-Asian management we provide an intensive experience of studying Asian business. Our 5-day study visit to Hongkong blends lectures at renowned Hongkong Baptist University with company meetings and intercultural deep dives.

Doing Business in the USA: Study Visit to the US

We cooperate with renowned, AACSB-accredited universities in the USA, the home of the MBA degree. MBA students are engaged in transatlantic projects with American peers and travel to the US, to one of the “valleys” which are hotspots for pioneering IT companies and startups.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Berlin is Europe’s main startup hub. Also, international companies locate business labs, incubators and accelerators here for fostering corporate innovation. MBA students will act on business model design, design thinking, canvas methodologies and lean startup approaches.

Digital Business Leadership

Digitization is forcefully impacting the business world. Classical value chains are disrupted, and companies need to transform. Leading people and organizations in the digital era entails the development of a digital mindset and digital competences in an increasingly digital value network.

International Finance and Mergers & Acquisitions

How to finance international business, especially mergers & acquisitions, and how to cope with the effects of the growing international flow of money? Strategies and instruments of key players such as banks, stock exchanges, private equity firms, hedge funds and monetary institutions are studied.

International Marketing

In this case-study-based course MBA students will study the complex challenges in the context of international markets. Among these are decisions on international standardization versus local adaptation of marketing strategies, or approaches to market selection and international alliances.

Consulting and Supply Chain Management

MBA students will take the perspective of consultants in this project-based course. Emphasis is put on how technology (e.g. Internet of Things, 3D Printing, cobots, combination of Lean & Industry 4.0 towards “Leandustry 4.0”) contributes to supply chain and operational excellence.