MBA in European-Asian Management

Global management competences

The Berlin full-time MBA in European-Asian Management prepares for leadership or consulting roles in companies or organisations which operate in a European-Asian context. The pathway European-Asian Management expands the core courses comprising an international general management programme to highlight the key aspects of economic development in Europe and Asia. In this process, the programme provides the specialist business skills and socio-cultural competences needed to successfully undertake executive business tasks in an international context. Lecturers draw on first-hand experience of leadership positions in Asia and Europe.

Special focus will be on patterns of internationalisation strategies and entry strategies on Asian and European markets, identifying key success factors in expanding companies in the worldwide competition. The course considers the role, operation and development of different markets to extend the general knowledge about the international planning cycle and the necessary tools to develop marketing strategies for different target markets.


Modul 1

Coping with a Complex Environment

  • Political Legal Environment and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Managerial Economics in International Business

Modul 2

Managing Core Processes

  • Operations and Supply Chain Management
  • Business Information Systems and Quantitative

Modul 3

Managing Human Resources

  • Strategic Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Change and Leadership

Modul 4

Accounting and Managing Value

  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting

Modul 5

Managing Financial Accounting

Modul 6

Managing Marketing

Modul 7

Formulating Strategy

  • Strategic Management
  • Applied Decision Making: European Business Simulation Game

Modul 8

Developing your Leadership Personlity

  • Career Optimization (TMS)
  • Cross-Cultural Management
  • Presentation Techniques
  • Team Building
  • 1 Elective Seminar, i.e.: Negotiating across Cultures or Assertiveness

Modul 9

Specialization Module I

  • International Management
  • European Management Project - European Study Visit (Poland)

Modul 10

Specialization Module II

  • Doing Business in Asia (Hong Kong) or Transatlantic Management Project or Specialization Elective

Modul 11

Specialization Elective Module I+II, e.g.

  • International Finance
  • International Marketing
  • Consulting & Supply Chain Management
  • Entrepreneurship and SME Management
  • New: Digital Business Management & Leadership

Modul 13

Master´s Thesis

  • Research Methods & Master´s Thesis: Company Project
  • Oral Defense

European-Asian Study Visit

The course »Doing Business in Asia« focuses on the dynamic economic development across the entire Asian-Pacific area and provides an introduction to these growing markets. For students interested in exploring this area further, there is an optional one-week study visit to Hong Kong with the chance to gain further insights into the management of multinational companies. Moreover, through the cooperation with partner universities, students also acquire strong intercultural skills and an understanding of business in both Asia and the west. A European study visit is mandatory and will take place at an attractice location at an European partner university. Additionally, students can choose to take part in the American study visit of the Berlin MBA programme.

Statements of our Graduates

John Wood, MBA

Account Manager, Idealo Internet GmbH

Statements from the graduates of the Berlin Full time MBA programme

"Finishing an MBA degree at the IMB in Berlin was an absolutely fantastic experience. What made the experience interesting for me was the combination of a highly diverse class and the overall curriculum of the program. The different business perspectives gained from this combination made class really engaging. The perspectives that each student brought were so different - it was really evident in courses such as HR management. I'm also confident that everyone in the program had the opportunity to increase his or her intercultural competency thanks to the global nature of our class. Being such a global program, this will most definitely serve us well as most all of us go on to international careers.

I chose to study at the IMB for two reasons, the first being the program's cultural diversity and academic rigor and secondly, the program's seat in Berlin. Given Berlin's startup culture and vast amount of opportunities for entrepreneurship, the IMB provided the ideal synthesis of rigorous academic experience as well as a lab in which to test one's knew knowledge and skills in front of the booming backdrop of the city.

After finishing, it became evident that doing the MBA gives one more confidence in the office and, in my opinion, even greater regard from colleagues. On a more personal note, the MBA gave me the tools as well as the network necessary to begin a business venture with two of my MBA classmates, something I am sure I would not have been able to do prior to the MBA program at the IMB."

Graduate 2014

Elizabeth Beret, MBA

Area Manager, Blacklane GmbH Berlin

Statements from the graduates of the Berlin Full time MBA programme

"After eight years working in academic research in Chemistry I decided to do an MBA as a way to redirect my career. I chose the Institute of Management Berlin based on the references provided by the school's alumni within my personal network. I was expecting an educational program with the right balance of academic teaching and hands-on experience, supervised by top-level professionals and backed up by international accreditation, and some guidance as how to proceed with my next career steps.

I certainly found that, together with many additional surprises. The personal enrichment of sharing a year in a highly multicultural environment. The opportunity to build a network of fellow students and friends which would later expand into a professional network in a myriad of industries and companies. The school's support to find the best new path for my career, opening doors which were bolted for me before.

One year later I am working in Supply Chain Management for a multinational consumer goods company. When I look back I am sure that it is thanks to my time at the IMB that I was able to cross the professional bridge that has taken me to where I wanted to be."

Graduate 2013

Liz Osterloh, MBA

Head of International Communication, D.C. Medianetworks GmbH Berlin

Statements from the graduates of the Berlin Full time MBA programme

"The MBA was the perfect opportunity to acquire all of the business knowledge I needed to start out on a new career path – and start building a network of really amazing people along the way. The professors and staff at the IMB were very supportive and really made me feel like I mattered as an individual. In the end I even got hired by the company where I wrote my master's thesis! I couldn't have imagined a better MBA experience."

Graduate 2013

Ramzi Dziri, MBA

Product Manager at Atheneum Partners Gmbh (HQ in Berlin)

Statements from the graduates of the Berlin Full time MBA programme

"I decided initially to pursue an MBA in HWR Berlin for the economic and cultural dynamism the city offers, the academic reputation of the university in Germany as well as the program's condensed plan of studies. While all three points were confirmed throughout and after the MBA, I was more pleasantly surprised to realize that the European-Asian Management program had much more to offer. The quality and diversity of both lectures and lecturers gave for me the opportunity to rethink my professional future and to improve and train my soft skills. Additionally, the program increased my awareness for potential challenges related to doing business in a globalized multi-cultural environment, and provided me with the framework and tools to transform these challenges into a personal professional asset."

Graduate 2012

Idrees Shah, MBA

Senior Consultant, Toptier Consulting, United Arab Emirates

Statements from the graduates of the Berlin Full time MBA programme

"One of the prime reasons to choose this program was to develop leadership and analytic skills as I believe both of them are very important in terms of career progression. Am fully utilizing them in practice. This program introduced me to the underlying disciplines of management and allowed me the flexibility to choose the most suited one based on my interests . Also, the MBA was very well balanced in terms of focusing on practical methodologies along with theory and helped me to analyze concepts from a real life perspective. The study trips were some of the other highlights that I thoroughly enjoyed as well." 

Graduate 2012

Assaf Weizman, MBA

ERP Project Manager, Home24 AG Berlin

Statements from the graduates of the Berlin Full time MBA programme

"I've chosen the the HWR because it offered a programme that is truly international in a European atmosphere.
The programme helped me to understand the big picture faster in every business situation ever since, and I've found the European Management helpful as a good and practical preparation to the German work environment – I also realized what to improve and how to achieve it."
Graduate 2012

Friederike Barth, MBA

Sales Representative,

Oracle Direct, ORACLE Deutschland B.V. & Co. KG, Potsdam, Germany

Statements from the graduates of the Berlin Full time MBA programme

"When I chose HWR Berlin to do my MBA in European Management, one of my personal goals was to find a new perspective and path in my career. With the contacts and the advice of the career service provided by the IMB, I was able to reach this goal. With a new professional and personal network, I found a new challenging position within a few months of graduating. It fits my professional experience and my knowledge I gained during the programme."

Graduate 2012

Rajit Tandan, MBA

Business Manager, Tionale Pte. Ltd.,Singapore

Statements from the graduates of the Berlin Full time MBA programme

"The European – Asian MBA programme has helped me to achieve added value to my career and to get a good job in Singapore – one of largest financial centres in Asia. I am now working as a commodity trader and able to apply successfully the learnings of international finance as my special elective at the Berlin School of Economics and Law to manage financial risk by using hedging."

Graduate 2011

Vincent Demaison, MBA

Project Lead Organisation and Project Management, CreditPlus Bank AG Stuttgart, Deutschland

Statements from the graduates of the Berlin Full time MBA programme

"I chose the MBA European-Asian Management in order to gain more insights on general management after having majored in finance and marketing during my Master studies. The program, beyond the solid business administration input it provides, has brought me to develop a set of skills which exceeded by far my expectations: from working and sharing with experienced professionals from all over the world in a dynamic and challenging environment to critically address management principles from a European-Asian perspective. This program gave me a solid background to start my career as a management consultant and allowed me as well to act as an acknowleged professional in an international envrionement."

Graduate 2009

Full-time MBA Graduates 2015 (placement statistic)

  • 17 Students successfully completed their MBA
  • Average age at the beginning of their studies: 30 years
  • Male: 47 %   
  • Female: 53 %
  • 47 % of our graduates changed position and industry.
  • 18 % of our graduates changed position within the same industry.
  • 64 % of our international graduates found employment in Germany.

Graduates work in the following industries:

  • Food, Beverage & Consumer Goods: 15%
  • Service Sector (Others): 15%
  • Banking & Financial Services: 15%
  • Auditing & Tax Consultancy: 8%
  • Pharma/Medical/Health Care, Diagnostics: 8%
  • Media: Aerospace 8%
  • Consulting: 31%

Graduates work in the following areas:

  • Corporate Planning & Strategic Development: 23%
  • Consulting: 31%
  • Marketing: 8%
  • Product Management: 8%
  • Health Care Management: 8%
  • Communication/PR: 14%
  • Quality Management: 8%

Academic background of our Graduates:

  • Business: 41%
  • Language/Culture: 29%
  • Natural Sciences: 24%
  • Law: 6%

Examples of recruiting companies:

Lufthansa Technik AG; Blacklane GmbH; Systain Consulting GmbH; Dr. Broll Schmitt Kaufmann & Partner; CGI; Bank Coop AG; b.telligent GmbH & Co. KG

Examples of positions:

Senior Manager Group Strategy; Consultant; Product Manager; Customer Experience manager; Head of Communications; Head of China Desk


Placement Statistics (June 2017)


Home away from Home

Weitere gute Nachrichten erreichten kürzlich den Career Service der Berlin Professional School am Campus Schöneberg. John, ein Absolvent in unserem full-time MBA mit Schwerpunkt „Transatlantic Management“, fängt am 1. März 2017 als Business Development Manager im South Carolina Europe Office in München an. Im Sommer bevor er zur HWR Berlin gekommen ist, war er mal in München, um den damaligen Direktor des South Carolina Europe Office kennen zu lernen, da er selbst aus South Carolina ist. Nie hätte er gedacht, dass er eines Tages in diesem Büro arbeiten und die wirtschaftlichen Interessen seiner Heimat in seiner neuen Wahlheimat vertreten wird. Eine wirklich traumhafte Kombination!

Gefunden hat er das Jobangebot über die „Jobkarte“, die der Career Service der BPS am Campus Schöneberg regelmäßig an alle MBA-Absolventen und derzeit Studierenden verschickt. Die Jobkarte beinhaltet exclusive, speziell auf die Zielgruppe der MBAler zugeschnittene Angebote.  Für die Absolventen und Studierenden im Health Care Management MBA wird eine eigene Jobkarte verschickt. Guten Start John und viel Erfolg!

IMB Symposium 2016

At our panel discussion on „The Workplace of the Future“ the participants challenged modern concepts of wide, open workspaces, which are currently en vogue at many large companies. Participants rather recommended flexible designs, which also include individual workspaces, and especially an attitude towards leadership which entails respect, trust and true participation. The panelists were:

  • Michael Donat, Head of Human Resources, Sopra Steria GmbH
  • Prof. Andreas Mack, Management Team Member, partake AG
  • Prof. Dr. Christian Scholz, Saarland University
  • Katy Zühlke, Head of Coworking & Community, betahaus Berlin
  • Moderation: Prof. Dr. Matthias Tomenendal, Director IMB Institute of Management Berlin, Berlin Professional School


Lighting Solutions for Remote Areas


The entrepreneur Dr. Hans Dieter Hermes presented the story of his venture „EnC Energy & Comfort GmbH” to our full-time MBA students. Groups of students are now analyzing and recommending strategic options for international strategies of the company. This initiative started during an Executive Guest Lecture on September 30, 2015 as part of Prof. Tomenendal’s course on “Strategic Management”.


Executive Lecture Series Continued

Berlin Full-time MBA student group

As part of the Berlin MBA’s Executive Lecture Series one whole MBA class was held at the EUREF Campus where our students received an interactive learning experience about cluster innovation processes. We visited innoZ and ÖKOTEC, both of which are fostering smart city concepts.

 Additional executive lectures in this term were held by

  • Dr. Bernd Rolinck, Director Commercial Banking, Deutsche Bank AG
  • Michael Donat, Member of the Executive Board, Sopra Steria Consulting
  • Dr. Hans Rüdiger Lange, Head of Energy Business Management, Vattenfall Europe

International Experience


Right after Easter a group of full-time MBA students travelled to San Diego, California, to work on a joint transatlantic business project with students and faculty of San Diego State University (SDSU). In addition to project work and lectures on the beautiful SDSU campus a number of exciting company visits i.e. Bilstein Thyssen Krupp, the successfull SDSU start-up Smartshake and San Diego Airport made the visit a great success. We are looking forward to host our friends from SDSU in Berlin in June!

Berlin MBA Executive Lecture Series

This year’s Executive Lecture Series in Prof. Tomenendal’s course on “Strategic Management” offered a unique experience for the MBA students in blending theory and practice. Our guests gave speeches, answered questions, facilitated case study workshops and participated in rich discussions on general management topics related to their companies and industries.

Dr. Andreas Reichhart,
Head of Supply Chain Management,
Zalando GmbH

Christian Kluge,
Corporate Strategy Manager,
Air Berlin PLC & Co. Luftverkehrs KG

Martin Bernhard,
Managing Director,
ECG Management Consulting GmbH

Dr. Jörg Dörnemann,
Managing Director,

Dr. Hans Dieter Hermes,
Director Business Development Biomass,

Michael Donat,
Director Human Capital Management,
BearingPoint GmbH

Link with Kingston is „the latest collaboration between schools in the UK and abroad”

The Independent on Sunday reported on 6 October 2013 that our link with Kingston Business School is the latest cooperation between a school in the UK and abroad. “We are at the forefront of establishing a ”˜global’ MBA experience and are proud to exchange MBA students with renowned Kingston University” says Prof. Dr. Matthias Tomenendal who initiated the joint venture. Both “Kingston MBA” and “Berlin MBA” are accredited by the Association of MBAs (AMBA). Students from both locations may elect for visits to the other school to gain first-hand experience in international business education and practice.

 MBA Full-time: week

Career Following the Kick-off of the full-time Berlin MBA programme on Monday 16 September, the students spent the first days focussing on defining more clearly their future career path.

Using Team Management Systems® they identified their personal work preference role, personal motivation in a working environment, got a better understanding of their strengths and areas of limitation and how they could optimise working with teams. Each student now has a set of tasks to work on over the next couple of months supported and guided by the IMB Career Service.

Kick-Off Berlin MBA Full-time

On 16 September our new MBA Full-time students from many different nations all accross the globe started their journey on the Berlin MBA programme at the IMB Institute of Management Berlin.

"The Management Consulting course at Kingston University was an enlightening experience on several different levels. It offered the perfect balance between academic and professional learning to personal and team working skills. Furthermore, I was fortunate enough to observe first-hand the importance of building relationship and trust with the client as a result of taking this course."

(Berlin Full-time MBA student, Intake 2016)