MBA in Health Care Management

The part-time MBA Health Care Management is designed to strengthen and expand management skills for those active in the health care sector. The programme not only provides an interdisciplinary approach to management tasks, but also fosters an enhanced awareness of the trends emerging in academia, science, politics and society likely to influence the future shape of the health sector. As a graduate of this programme, you will have learnt to apply innovative and solution-directed approaches and ideas to meet the demands created by a changing health care system and take the requisite strategic decisions for organisations in the health care sector.

A particular emphasis is placed on developing communicative and social competences. The Leadership Skills seminars, such as Leading Teams, Negotiations or Competence Development (Kode®), on the MBA in Health Care Management support your development as a manager with strong leadership qualities.

The lectures and seminars are held in German.

Modules MBA in Health Care Management


Coping with a Complex Health Care Environment

  • Grundlagen der Gesundheitssysteme und –ökonomie
  • Recht des Gesundheitswesens


Managing Core Processes

  • Informationssysteme im Gesundheitswesen
  • Prozessmanagement


Managing Human Resources

  • Strategisches Personalmanagement
  • Organisationaler Wandel und Führung


Accounting and Managing Value

  • Financial Accounting
  • Managerial Accounting


Managing Financial Resources


Managing Marketing


Formulating Strategy

  • Strategisches Management
  • Business Simulation Game


Developing Your Leadership Personality

  • Management Reflection Seminar
  • Leadership Personality Seminar: 2 Electives, z.B. Teambuilding / Moderation / Problemlösungs- und Entscheidungstechniken / Verhandlungsführung


Specialization Module I

  • Management von Versorgungseinrichtungen


Specialization Module II

  • Internationaler Vergleich der Gesundheitssysteme (inkl. Study Visit)


Specialization Module III

  • Sozialmedizin, Gesundheitsversorgung, Selbstverwaltung


Specialization Elective Module, z.B.

  • Strategieumsetzung und Führung
  • Projektmanagement
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Entrepreneurship & Design Thinking


  • Forschungsmethodisches Seminar
  • Masterarbeit (4 Monate)
  • Mündliche Masterprüfung

Study Visit

To round off the programme, at the end of the progrmme a study trip will take place over four days with the chance to observe the structure, services and problems in a health care system outside Germany.

Prof. Breinlinger- O'Reilly, Academic Director Beauftragter MBA in Health Care Management

Prof. Dr. Jochen Breinlinger-O'Reilly
Academic Director