Management Seminars for Practical Business Skills

The compact seminar format provides an ideal vehicle for providing management expertise and skills in a range of areas. As stand-alone modules on the Berlin MBA – Master of Business Administration programme, they are now being opened to external participants as well. These seminars set current management issues in the context of present scholarly research and relate them to accepted business practices and solutions. The participants in the seminars are graduates with business experience, for example, in project management, entrepreneurship and (future) senior management, and have started their careers in a wide variety of companies of different sizes from a range of sectors.

The management seminars aim to promote an intensive exchange of experience between MBA students, external participants with a business background, and our academic staff from the corporate and consulting world in these various branches. In this process, the input from participants with their wealth of varied business experience enriches the seminar discussions. The seminars, which are based on case studies, group and individual work as well as individual guest lectures, focus particularly on real-life implementation in the business sectors where participants are working.

At present, the following Management Seminar is available for external participants:

Business Model Design (in English)