Strategic Skills for Women Members of Supervisory Boards

In April 2014, the University launched “Strategic Skills for Women Members of Supervisory Boards”, a new management training course designed specifically for women who are present or future members of supervisory boards and other control committees.

In addition to the requisite (fundamental) business and legal expertise, the course aims to provide the strategic skills required to ensure that women face a level playing field, irrespective of gender, in the nomination process for control committees as well as in later decision-making processes. This course thus positively supports gender mainstreaming by ensuring women have the necessary expertise to take an active role in control committees and shape the effective supervisory executive management to ensure the sustainable success of a company.

For more details, contact Dr Philine Erfurt Sandhu, the course project manager.

+49 (0)30 30877-1578
Email: bps-stratkomp(at)